For New Ring & Jewelry Recovery Members


There are a lot of people out there who could use our help finding their lost ring or jewelry.


Do you metal detect?   Are you interested in helping those individuals who have lost a ring or other piece of jewelry?  We are currently accepting new recovery members for all locations in the United States.  It is free to join.  Just complete the form below and submit your information.  Once your listing is online we will email you with a link to your listing.   We ask you to please review your listing and let us know if you would like any changes.  Please remember to check your SPAM folder regularly as some of the emails have been known to go there.


Our recovery member listings are organized by state and then by county.   You will be allowed to pick up to three different locations you are willing to serve.  For each location, please let us know which state and which county.


To see an example of a completed and detailed recovery member listing, please click HERE.


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If you have any questions, please contact us.




Please complete and submit the below form.


Our listings are set up by state and by county. You are allowed to choose up to three locations for your listing. Please pick a state and then a county for each of the locations that you are available for:




Do you have social media accounts that you would like linked to your listing? Social media can help with people to contact you. Please provide the complete URL address for each social media you would like added to your listing. See the example below for a complete URL. This is optional.


Would you like any photos added to your listing? You are welcome to have photos of your past jewelry finds, a logo, copies of newspaper clippings of your past jewelry recoveries, or a photo of yourself. You will be allowed up to a total of three photos. This is optional.








If for some reason the form is not working properly for you, you can also email us all your information at:


Thank you.