Ring & Jewelry Recovery Members

Ring & Jewelry Recovery Members


Ring & Jewelry Recovery Members


We are currently accepting new members on our website.

If you would like to be added to this website, please email us with all the below info:

E-mail: newyorkmetaldetecting@gmail.com

Can you please provide the following info so I can get your listing up on our site?


Basic Info:

– Your name as you want it on the listing?
– What types of searches are you available for? (Rings / All Jewelry / Any Metallic lost item)
– What State or States are you willing to serve?
– What Counties are you willing to serve?
– What seasons are you available for? (All seasons? and if not which seasons?)
– What search types are you available for? Land, Beach, Snow, Water (if water, then how deep?)

Contact info:

– What email address do you want on your listing?
– What phone number or numbers do you want on your listing?

Social Media:

– Do you want social media profiles linked on your listing?
– Facebook?
– Twitter?
– Instagram?
– YouTube?


– What year did you start metal detecting?

Additional Info:

A short bio and more detailed information is welcome here.


– We can list individual references

– Or we can list “References available upon request”


– Do you want any photos on your listing?

Your Logos are ok

Self portraits are ok.

Photos of YOUR past jewelry finds are ok.


If you have any photos of news paper articles or photos of past jewelry you have reunited to the owner then please provide a basic description.

Please email your answers and any photos to:

E-mail: newyorkmetaldetecting@gmail.com

Thank you.