Ring & Jewelry Recovery

Ring & Jewelry Recovery

Ring and Jewelry Recovery


Lost your ring?   We can help.


You lost your ring.  It happens.  Some people become so embarrassed that they refuse to say anything to anyone about their lost jewelry.  Believe it or not, a lot of people lose a piece of jewelry at some point.  Some people believe that they lost it and they will never see it again.  Not true.  Whether you lost your piece of jewelry in the water or on land, there are people who are willing to help you.  While time can be very crucial in finding your lost jewelry, your lost piece of jewelry could very well be recovered even it was lost many years before.  While there is no guarantee that your lost jewelry will be found, most metal detectorists will do their very best to try to find it for you.


The list of ring recovery members is sorted out by state and then by county.


Be aware that most members on this list will charge for their services.   Be sure to ask any member you speak to about their rates.



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