Metal Detector Brands

Metal Detector Brands

There are many metal detector brands.  Some brands are American made and some brands are made elsewhere.  We are not here to say which brand is the best or or which brand is the worst.  There can be something positive said every brand and there can be something negative said about every brand.  If you are interested in a particular brand and model metal detector it is wise and highly recommended for you to research that metal detector and to look up the reviews.


We try to keep our lists up to date.  If you would like to see a new brand metal detector added to our website, please Contact Us.


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Metal Detector Brands


Below you will find our current list of Metal Detector Brands.  If you click on any of the brand logos you will be redirected to their business website.




Bounty Hunter Metal Detectors




Garrett Metal Detectors



Ground EFX



Fisher Metal Detectors



Makro Metal Detectors



Minelab Metal Detectors



Nokta Metal Detectors



Quest Metal Detectors



Teknetics Metal Detectors



Tesoro Metal Detectors



White’s Metal Detectors



XP Metal Detectors





Any metal detecting companies that wish to be apart of our list, please contact us.