Metal Detecting Tips

Metal Detecting Tips

New York Metal Detecting

Metal Detecting Tips

“New York Metal Detecting Tip Tuesday”


Every Tuesday there will be a new metal detecting tip posted on our Facebook Group.  We are calling it “Tip Tuesday”.


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Before Purchasing A Metal Detector:


# 1

“Let’s Be Realistic”

Don’t expect to get rich from metal detecting.  No matter how many articles you read or videos you watch on the internet of someone finding an incredible treasure, don’t expect to get rich.  Many of us in this hobby would love to quit our day jobs and metal detect every day but unfortunately metal detecting will not pay your bills or pay off your debt.  This is a hobby and not a career.

# 2

“What Should You Expect”

While yes, you may sometimes find a nice treasure, you will unfortunately find much more trash than treasures.  Expect to find lots of trash.  There is no way of escaping it.

# 3

“One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s Treasure”

What is trash and what is treasure?  Just because it looks like trash doesn’t mean it’s really trash and just because it looks like treasure doesn’t mean it’s really treasure.  You can research items you find metal detecting on the internet.  There are collectors out there for just about everything and the internet is loaded with very useful information.

# 4

“Where Will You Be Metal Detecting?”

There are metal detectors for different types of metal detecting.  Consider where you will be metal detecting the most.   Are you planning on metal detecting on a beach and in shallow water along the ocean?  Are you planning on metal detecting in deep water?  Are you planning on metal detecting for coins and jewelry in parks, lawns, and fields?  Are you planning on gold prospecting style metal detecting?  Most people who are new to the hobby will purchase a basic multipurpose metal detector.

# 5

“Setting A Budget To Start This Hobby”

Once you have an idea where you will be metal detecting the most, set a budget.  Don’t just set a budget for a metal detector only.  Set a budget for this hobby.   Consider everything you will need to start this hobby.   You will need at minimum, a metal detector and a trowel but we recommend you set a budget for more.   We recommend you set a budget for a metal detector, a pinpointer, and trowel or sand scoop.

# 6

“Research Different Metal Detectors”

Now you should know where you plan on metal detecting the most and your overall budget.  It is time to research different brands and models of metal detectors, pinpointers, trowels, sand scoops, and other equipment you plan on purchasing.  The internet is the best place for researching.  Make sure you check out the specifications and the customer reviews of any equipment you plan on purchasing.   Another great source to research is YouTube.  You should search YouTube for the brand and model of the metal detector you are interested in and see how it works.






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