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About Us

About Us


Welcome to New York Metal Detecting


Thank you for visiting New York Metal Detecting.   This website was created by a husband and wife team with help and influence from many others.   This website is not about a single person.  This website is not about us.   This website, in its majority, will be about metal detecting and treasure hunting in New York State and beyond.



Mission Statement


To bring people together for a better understanding of this hobby and lifestyle we call metal detecting.  We are all learning.  No one knows it all.



Further Information


From the individuals who have never metal detected before to the individuals who have metal detected their whole life, this website will have lots of material that we hope will be beneficial to everyone.

Some of the topics that can be found on this website will be the following:

Metal Detector Brands

Metal Detector Types

Metal Detecting Supplies

Metal Detector Dealer Information

Metal Detector Reviews

Metal Detecting Code of Ethics / Moral Obligations

Metal Detecting Clubs

Metal Detecting Laws

Metal Detecting Tips

Metal Detecting Videos

Metal Detecting Locations

Metal Detecting Finds

Metal Detecting Events / Outings

For Sale Section

Ring and Jewelry Recovery Services

Coins / Currency Information

Coin Dealer Information

Coin Roll Hunting



If you wish to contribute to this website please feel free to use our contact us form.



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