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New York Metal Detecting Logo – New York Metal Detecting – Ring and Jewelry Recovery – Recovery of Lost Rings or any other Jewelry, Cell Phones, Keys, or any other Metallic Items.

Welcome to New York Metal Detecting

Recovering lost rings, other jewelry, coins, caches, relics, saving history, and cleaning up the trash with New York Metal Detecting.

Welcome to New York Metal Detecting.   This website will be dedicated to metal detecting and other types of treasure hunting throughout New York State.  Please have patience as we are a fairly new website and we will be updating it regularly.  We hope you take the time to visit the website thoroughly.

Ring and Jewelry Recovery

Have you lost a piece of jewelry?  Have you lost a high school ring, engagement ring, wedding ring, or any other jewelry?  Losing a piece of jewelry is not uncommon.  We can help.  Whether you lost it on public property or private property please contact us.

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